New themed site.

Like it? Got the logo (by me :D ) above us, it’s centered. The theme looks MUCH more clean, which we like. I have fixed voting site 3, I might also add some more voting sites… MOAR MONEY!!!
That’s pretty much all,


There are new statues with their own plot, for Kaptin and Epic.  Thanks rubidge96 for building Kaptins :D .  He has made plenty others, we will be auctioning off some custom statues soon!


Server has been dead the past month or so.  Not much players.  We need your help to vote, it gets the server popular.  More people, more fun.  It takes a few seconds of your life, to help us.  Not to sound begging, but it includes $500 per site..  If you would like to help us, and put the staff in a better mood :D voting is the free way of donating!